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Killer Kowalski
World famous wrestler

"The meat industry cons people into thinking you must eat decaying rotting flesh to get your protein. Bullshit, that's a lot of baloney. Big, healthy, strong animals get their protein from vegetarian sources, grass even! "


Carl Lewis
"Keep in mind that eating vegan does require a commitment to being good to your body and to acting responsibly toward the world around you. Most of us are not aware of how much damage we do to our bodies and to our world by the way we eat"


Greg Chappell
Former Australian Cricket Captain

"Colds, flus, and sore throats were a way of life and I was always full of mucus. From a fitness point of view I always struggled with long-distance running and fitness work, I was always tired and usually hungry. Within 24 hours of giving up dairy products my post-nasal drip had stopped, my energy levels rose and my ability to run and to train generally increased around 100%. I am fitter and healthier now than I was in my 20s."


Bill Pearl
Famous vegetarian bodybuilder. Mr Universe 1971

"I've felt better. I'm more healthy, I can train with more energy. We have no fish, fowl, or red meat in our diet. Yet I can still carry the same amount of muscle as I did in winning my four Mr. Universe titles. People can't believe it. They think that to have big muscles you have to eat meat - it's a persistent and recurring myth. But take it from me, there's nothing magic about eating meat that's going to make you a champion bodybuilder. Anything you can find in a piece of meat, you can find in other foods as well."


Joseph Brown Australian Dancer

"Being vegetarian is totally natural and if you eat correctly you don't need any supplements at all. You don't need extra iron or protein – or anything, that's ridiculous. I'm in good shape and I work hard with my body – my diet is perfect for athletes"




Many people equate strength with a diet high in animal food and believe that if they don't eat meat they will be weak. This belief comes from a lifetime of being misinformed by parents, teachers, media and society. The bodybuilders and athletes below eat a plant based diet with NO animal food.

vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheekevegan body buildervegan body builderVegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke
Thanks to Robert Cheeke for permission to use these photos of himself and other vegan bodybuilders.

Below Shaun Monson (director of Earthlings) working out with Robert Cheeke (Vegan body builder)

Shaun Monson and Robert Cheeke Vegan bodybuilders
If fitness is what you want, you don't need animal food to get it In fact you can be extremely fit and healthy on a purely plant based diet as long as you eat a variety of healthy fresh foods, and make the transition from a meat based diet in a sensible way - meaning, you've done the necessary research about nutrition and you know the types of food you need to eat to be healthy.

The links included on this website take you to numerous reports and articles by qualified health practitioners, which give you a good basic overview about making that transition in a healthy way

To bust the old myth that vegetarians/vegans are frail and weak have a look at: www.veganbodybuilding.com You don't need to be interested in body building to find this site fascinating. It's such an eye opener for those who have always held the false belief that you need to eat meat to be strong! If you are an athlete and thinking of eliminating animal food go to the site to get specific information on plant based nutrition for athletes.

Robert CheekeVegan dance, yoga, pilates teacher Despina RosalesFit vegan Fawn Porter
Thanks to these fit vegans, Robert Cheeke and,Despina Rosales, and.Fawn Porter, for photos above.

Vegetarians well- known for their health, fitness, strength and endurance:

Peter Brock - Racing Car Driver
Greg Chappel - Australian Cricketer
Ron Clarke - Olympic Champion, Marathon Runner
Debbie Lawrence - 5k Record Holder
Jim Kaat - Baseball Player
Tony Larussa - Baseball Manager
Hank Aaron - Baseball Player
Bill Pearl - Bodybuilder
Marv Levey - Buffalo Bills Coach
Robert Parnish - Center (Bulls)
Joe Namath - Football Player
Lawrence Phillips - Football Player (49ers)
Steve Bellamy - Founder of the Tennis Channel
Surya Bonaly - French Figure Skater
Brendan Brazier- Ironman Triathlete
Sally Eastall - Marathon Runner
Andreas Cahling - Mr. International Bodybuilder
Carl Lewis - Olympic Track Star
Edwin Moses - Olympic Champion
Leroy Burrell - Olympic Champion
Murray Rose - Powerlifting Champion
Ruth Heidrich - Three-Time Ironman
Mike Manzoori - Pro Skateboarder
Brian Anderson - Pro Skateboarder
Ed Templeton - Pro Skateboarder
Forest Kirby - Pro Skateboarder
Brian Sumner - Pro Skateboarder
Andrew Reynolds - Pro Skateboarder
Jen O'brien - Pro Skateboarder
Matt Field - Pro Skateboarder
Chris Lambert - Pro Skateboarder
Brad Staba - Pro Skateboarder
Geoff Rowley - Pro Skateboarder
Rick Mc Crank - Pro Skateboarder
Moses Itkonen - Pro Skateboarder
Sergei Trudnowski - Pro Skateboarder
Laban Pheidas - Proskater
Steve Berra - Proskater
Anastasia Ashley - Surfer
Martina Navratilova - Tennis Player
Bille Jean King - Tennis Champion
Peter Burwash - Tennis Champion
John Salley - Toronto Raptors
Lucy Stephens - Tri-athlete
Stan Price - World Record Bench Press
Killer Kowalski - Wrestler


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